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AI-700 Series RTU

The AMI Amocam also known as the Bristol Babcock 700 series RTU is a discontinued device that still remains a competive RTU for many natural gas well applicatons. There still remain a large number of these RTU's in service and many can be found on the surplus market. Specifically the AI-700 series RTU support full well automation and have 16 digital inputs, 8 relay outputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 2 high speed counter inputs.

Crystalline Technology, Inc. has created a web base software application specifically for XTO Energy to allow complete data acquistion and control of the AI-700 series RTU using the AI-Net protocol in a seamless integration into our WellAutomation gas measurement browser based software. This is yet another example of the flexibility and capabilities of Crystalline Technology, Inc.

We fully support the AI-700 Series RTU through our automated test and calibration facilites. Our skilled electronic technicans perform component level repair of the electronic boards at a very competitive flat rate. You can find out more about our repair facilities at http://www.BoardFix.com.

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